Some Bad News

Due to technical difficulties (i.e. my mic no longer works and I can’t figure out how to fix it; therefore, I’ll probably have to get a new one once I finally get enough money for it, which likely won’t be until I can get a dayjob that pays more than minimum wage so I don’t have to starve for a week just to buy a decent mic), both The Silverblade Prophecy podionovel and A Work in Progress podcast will be delayed for, well, who knows how long at the rate things are going.😦

Days like these is when I miss having a gun and going to a shooting range. Hopefully, someday, I’ll finally have the financial means to take this crappy PC out and use it for target practice, too.

2 Responses to “Some Bad News”

  1. I have pictures of what a crappy PC looks like when used for target practice🙂

  2. That’ll work.🙂

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