The Silverblade Prophecy – Episode 2

Episode 2

The Silverblade Prophecy – Episode 2 – Feb. 20, 2009 Show Notes:

Three years after winning her freedom in Vangaard’s gladiatorial arena, Yavar is now married to her former slavemaster, Warlord Vrang, the very warlord she gave an oath to one day slay. When her brother is captured by her husband’s soldiers, she and Martin must once again find a way to free themselves. But what will the cost be this time?

Written, produced, and narrated by Scott M. Sandridge.

Voices by:
Keith Boggs
Alexa Chipman
R. L. Copple
Brittany Rains
Shandale Rains
April Sadowski
Scott M. Sandridge

Music by:
John Prassas of Aesma Daeva*
The Divine Madness*
Sound Dogs

*Used with permission.

Sound Effects by:
Sound Dogs
Scott M. Sandridge

Creative Commons License
The Silverblade Prophecy by Scott M. Sandridge is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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