What’s Been Said

About Korgash:

“Korgash…has a distinct personality, and the dialogue between him and the other characters rings true.” – Nicole McClain (Tangent Online)

About Yavar:

“…good, bloody fun as Yavar cuts a path through the enemy…” – Donna Watkins (Tangent Online)

“Yavar outsmarts most of the other characters and kills damn near everyone! She’s a fabulous role model.” – Myrrym Davies, Horror writer

About the stories that became Episodes 1-7:

Episode 2 (First published as “The Oathkeeper Destiny”):
“…an action-packed, blood-soaked journey…the action scenes glistened like blood on the blade of a knife…” – Donna Watkins

Episode 3 (First published as “Fang of the Serpent”):
“With a fight every minute and a battle every paragraph, Mr. Sandridge dishes out back-to-back action…well written and entertaining for those readers who yearn for duels fought with something other than swords…” – Donna Watkins

“…a good read, one I recommend.” – Rebecca Miller (A Christian Worldview of Fiction)

Episode 5 (First published as “War Child” and “The Lost Freehold”):
“All the right parts of a great fantasy setting are there….” – Paul Abbamondi (Tangent Online)

“…all the elements you might expect to find in any good fantasy tale…” – Nicole McClain

Episode 6 (First published as “The Souldrinker”):
“Scott M. Sandridge blends traditional sword and sorcery elements into an Indiana Jones-type adventure. The characters have distinct personalities, the language engages, and there is enough mayhem to keep things interesting.” – Nicole McClain

Episode 7 (First published as “Marian’s Test”):
“Scott M. Sandridge shows his dark side…Sandridge digs deep and gives the reader prose and plot worth chewing on…” – Donna Watkins

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